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Joshua Theunissen

About Us

Joshua Theunissen is the principal of TheunissenTrollip.

Joshua has almost 30 years experience with major commercial transactions in Australia, as well as assisting with the Australian aspect of international transactions in a number of other jurisdictions, including China. Joshua has extensive commercial and legal expertise in a wide range of corporate transactions which include:

  • shareholder, joint venture, service level, supply and distribution agreements, standard terms and conditions and tender documents.

  • extensive advice on ASX Listing Rules.

  • mergers and acquisitions, regulated takeovers under Chapter 6 of the Corporations Act, capital raisings, management buy outs and joint ventures.

  • corporate governance and directors’ duties.

  • financial services licensing requirements and procedures.

  • ongoing compliance advice and advice generally, including on Chapter 7 of the Corporations Act.

  • establishing managed investment schemes, including preparation of offering documents.

  • commercial leasing transactions.

Joshua has strong interpersonal skills and exceptional technical ability.

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